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    • Magnetic relaxation in small-particle systems: ln(t/ tau 0) scaling 

      Labarta, A.; Iglesias, O.; Balcells, Ll.; Badia Pascual, Ferran (American Physical Society, 1993)
      Although most of the experimental work dealing with the magnetic relaxation of systems characterized by the existence of an energy-barrier distribution have been analyzed in terms of the so-called logarithmic approximation, ...
    • Magnetotransport properties of NiFe-Ag granular alloys: origin of the thermal behavior 

      Badia Pascual, Ferran; Batlle, X.; Labarta, A.; Watson, M. L.; Johnston, A. B.; Chapman, J. N. (American Institute of Physics, 1997)
      The effect of the temperature and magnetic field on the giant magnetoresistivity ~GMR! of two FeNi–Ag granular alloys of composition Fe11.4Ni6.4Ag82.2 and Fe7.6Ni16.4Ag76.0 is discussed. Both samples were prepared by rf ...
    • T ln( t τ 0 ) scaling in small-particle systems: low-temperature behaviour 

      Iglesias, O.; Badia Pascual, Ferran; Labarta, A.; Balcells, Ll. (Elsevier, 1995)
      An alternative method for analyzing the magnetic relaxation data in small-particle systems based on the T ln(tτ0) scaling is presented. Two experimental systems have been studied using this procedure and the resulting ...