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    • Assessment of the influence of direct tobacco smoke on infection and active TB management 

      Altet, Neus; Latorre, Irene; Jiménez-Fuentes, María Ángeles; Maldonado, José; Molina, Israel; Milà, Celia; García-García, Esther; Villar-Hernández, Raquel; Laabei, Maisem; Gómez, Andromeda-Celeste; Godoy i García, Pere; de Souza-Galvão, Maria Luiza; Solano, Segismundo; Jiménez-Ruiz, Carlos A.; Domínguez, Jose (Public Library of Science, 2017)
      Smoking is a risk factor for tuberculosis (TB) infection and disease progression. Tobacco smoking increases susceptibility to TB in a variety of ways, one of which is due to a reduction of the IFN-γ response. Consequently, ...