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    • An update of the Worldwide Integrated Assessment (WIA) on systemic pesticides. Part 4: Alternatives in major cropping systems 

      Veres, Andrea; Wyckhuys, Kris A. G.; Kiss, Jozsef; Tóth, Ferenc; Burgio, Giovanni; Pons i Domènech, Xavier; Avilla, Carlos; Vidal, Stefan; Razinger, Jaka; Bazok, Renata; Matyjaszczyk, Ewa; Milosavljević, Ivan; Vi Le, Xuan; Zhou, Wenwu; Zhu, Zeng-Rong; Tarno, Hagus; Hadi, Buyung; Lundgren, Jonathan; Bonmatin, Jean-Marc; Bijleveld van Lexmond, Maarten; Aebi, Alexandre; Rauf, Aunu; Furlan, Lorenzo (Springer, 2020-06-04)
      We present a synthetic review and expert consultation that assesses the actual risks posed by arthropod pests in four major crops, identifies targets for integrated pest management (IPM) in terms of cultivated land needing ...