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    • Species-specific and generic biomass equations for seedlings and saplings of European tree species 

      Annighöfer, P.; Améztegui González, Aitor; Ammer, Christian; Balandier, Philippe; Bartsch, Norbert; Bolte, Andreas; Coll Mir, Lluís; Collet, Catherine; Ewald, Jörg; Frischbier, Nico; Gebereyesus, Tsegay; Haase, Josephine; Hamm, Tobias; Hirschfelder, Bastian; Huth, Franka; Kändler, Gerald; Kahl, Anja; Kawaletz, Heike; Kuehne, Christian; Lacointe, André; Lin, Na; Löf, Magnus; Malagoli, Philippe; Marquier, André; Müller, Sandra; Promberger, Susanne; Provendier, Damien; Röhle, Heinz; Sathornkich, Jate; Schall, Peter; Scherer-Lorenzen, Michael; Schröder, Jens; Seele, Carolin; Weidig, Johannes; Wirth, Christian; Wolf, Heino; Wollmerstädt, Jörg; Mund, Martina (Springer Nature, 2016-01-18)
      Biomass equations are a helpful tool to estimate the tree and stand biomass production and standing stock. Such estimations are of great interest for science but also of great importance for global reports on the carbon ...