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    • Algebraic path tracking to aid the manual harvesting of olives using an automated service unit 

      Auat Cheein, Fernando A.; Scaglia, Gustavo; Torres-Torriti, Miguel; Guivant, José; Prado, Alvaro Javier; Arnó Satorra, Jaume; Escolà i Agustí, Alexandre; Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon (Elsevier, 2016)
      Service units used in precision agriculture are able to improve processes such as harvesting, sowing, agrochemical application, and manure spreading. This two-part work presents, a path tracking controller based on an ...
    • Real-time approaches for characterization of fully and partially scanned canopies in groves 

      Auat Cheein, Fernando A.; Guivant, José; Sanz Cortiella, Ricardo; Escolà i Agustí, Alexandre; Yandun, Francisco J.; Torres-Torriti, Miguel; Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon (Elsevier, 2015)
      Efficient information management in orchard characterization leads to more efficient agricultural processes. In this brief, a set of computational geometry methods are presented and evaluated for orchard characterization; ...