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    • HIF-1α- Targeting Acriflavine Provides Long Term Survival and Radiological Tumor Response in Brain Cancer Therapy 

      Mangraviti, Antonella; Raghavan, Tula; Volpin, Francesco; Skuli, Nicolas; Gullotti, David; Zhou, Jinyuan; Asnaghi, Laura; Sankey, Eric; Liu, Ann; Wang, Yuan; Lee, Dong-Hoon; Gorelick, Noah; Serra, Riccardo; Peters, Michael; Schriefer, Destiny; Delaspre, Fabien; Rodriguez, Fausto J.; Eberhart, Charles G.; Brem, Henry; Olivi, Alessandro; Tyler, Betty (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-12-01)
      Tumor progression, limited efficacy of current standard treatments, and the rise in patient mortality are associated with gene expression caused by the synergistic action of intratumoral hypoxia and HIF-1α activation. For ...